Greig Security Services Inc. was formed to address the many changes that have occurred in the Toronto market and better service the client base. 

    Our management team is well versed in all market segments and have over 30 years’ experience dealing with condominiums, retail, transportation, government, commercial and industrial applications. Although many of the large companies’ service each of these sectors it is our belief that luxury condominiums and retail are highly specialized and require a specific approach to customer service, employee management, training and recruitment. 

    Greig Security Services takes pride in delivering the highest quality customer focused security service and one where you always receive best value for your “security spend” from our professionally trained officers.

    Greig Security Services has grown into a highly reputed, affordable, reliable and professionally trusted name in the security industry. Contact our professional security team today.

    Since our inception, Greig Security has been totally focused on building strategic, security solutions.

    Warren Greig

    Warren Greig founded Greig Security Services Inc. in 2014 as a boutique service oriented company specializing in luxury condominium security. Prior to this Warren had worked as a senior manager for medium size and international security firms providing a wide range of services to all market segments.


    With over 30 years of experience Warren has gained invaluable experience in all aspects of the business providing services in the areas of; residential, transportation, health care, industrial and government contracts. It is Warren’s belief that specializing in luxury condominium and ensuring employees receive above market wages and benefits supports the goal of service excellence and is the core operating philosophy of Greig Security Services Inc.