What We Do

    Greig Security takes pride in working to understand your business and in providing different options of security solutions to make your premises safer for employees and customers; your property and assets from security threats and safety risks. We can respond to your needs more quickly and offer more flexible security services. Greig Security’s dedicated and highly trained staff has been carefully selected to provide expert industry leading security services to various locations throughout the GTA. Driven by cost effective security solutions, your peace of mind is our goal. We believe in providing the best quality service at the most affordable prices in the market.

    Services - Guards

    Our senior management team has worked with many of the top managers and concierge security personnel over the years and has developed a great many contacts that are an advantage insofar as recruiting quality personnel. By providing a framework that is respectful of employees and responsive to customers we feel that we can differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. 

    A key component to the provision of quality personnel in the Toronto marketplace is the impact of wage levels and schedules of work on recruitment, staff retention and turnover stats. As an industry there is approximately 30 percent turnover in companies but the vast majority of this turnover occurs at the lower spectrum of the wage levels. Our philosophy is to set wages at a higher level to ensure quality personnel are hired and that they are a good fit for their assigned location.

    Consulting and Invetigation Service

    Our primary strength lies in our proven track record within the security industry, which stretches to over 30 years of experience in implementing and managing security solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and government premises throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality customer focused service and one where you always receive best value for your “security spend” from our professionally trained officers. Whatever your situation or security concern, Greig Security has the experience, the products, the service and the attention to detail you expect.

    Practice Areas
    • Condominium Security Services

    • Concierge and Reception Service

    • Office and Commercial Building Security

    • Short Term & Special Event Security

    • Construction Site Security

    • Integrated Guarding Solutions

    • Public Government Security